Payments Consultancy

Gestion Consultancy can provide payments consultancy advice to companies across all sectors interested in taking payments face to face (Card Present), over the phone (MOTO), or over the internet (Card Not Present).  Gestion Consultancy can also advise companies interested in launching or accepting payment products on how to market, position and sell these products.  Gestion Consultancy has key expertise in fraud prevention, transaction processing and marketing of payment solutions and can help organisations to define the right approach and choose the right partners to suit their specific business needs.

Gestion Consultancy has key expertise in the following areas:

  • Credit and debit card issuing (banking partners, processors, schemes, programme managers)
  • Credit and debit card acquiring (banking partners, processors, schemes)
  • Prepayments (mobile phone top-up, gift cards, loyalty cards, e-wallets, travel cards, payment cards)
  • E-Commerce (Payment Service Providers (PSPs), CP, CNP and MOTO transactions, 3D Secure)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

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