Process Re-Engineering

Business processes are a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined set of business outcomes.

Organisations of all sizes and at all stages of their evolution can benefit from defining and re-engineering the processes that they use to manage operational workflows.  For new organisations it is important to define how business outcomes are to be achieved so that staff understand how to meet those outcomes.  For organisations that are experiencing growth and change, process re-engineering is important to ensure that staff achieve business outcomes changes to suit the new organisational structure which may involve more cross-functional interaction or simply larger and more disparate teams.

When organisations introduce new systems and tools, it is important to adapt processes accordingly.  Failure to do so can result in potential efficiencies and benefits not being fully realised through incomplete use of available functionality or unwillingness to embrace new technology.  Futhermore, there are also regulatory and compliance requirements on organisations to define and maintain standard business processes in order to ensure quality of services and products.  

Gestion Consultancy has key expertise in process re-engineering using Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies which can benefit your organisation.

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